About KlickEx

KlickEx is a payments infrastructure focused on reducing settlement risks for Central Banks and providing cross-border transfer services dedicated to financial inclusion.

KlickEx first launched its system in 2009 as an institutional platform targeting trading and settlement of regional currencies for banks; and in 2011 with UN Funding for Financial Inclusion, the platform was extended to more broadly target the formalisation of remittances and informal development flows in the region, targeting the unbanked, developing mobile operator and self-branded domestic Mobile Money services, and retail sector services including compliance. 

By 2012, KlickEx was expanding in North America, Europe, and had been ranked as the number one low cost remittance service in all of Asia by IFAD and the World Bank, in terms of penetration and low cost at both wholesale and retail levels. 

KlickEx is a driving force in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals relating to low remittance costs, domestic digital inclusion, and financial education, lead and funded by revenues generated by cross border services. 

Ranked as one of the top 10 financial innovations of 2013 by SWIFT, and listed by Bank Innovation Magazine as one of the top US innovators to watch in 2013 and 2014, the various KlickEx platforms have gained wide recognition. KlickEx has been named by Central Banks in the Pacific as a key agent of change, economic and fiscal stability, and central source of transaction reporting, transparency and compliance at a national or regional level, in line with regulator and consumer demand, worldwide.

Selected Awards & Community Recognition

2018      Top innovators  |  New Zelander of the Year Awards

2017      Local hero medal winner for community services  |  New Zelander of the Year Awards

2014     Top innovators  |  New Zealand Innovation Awards
             Top innovator in banking (#25)  |  Bank Innovation Magazine

2013     SWIFT Top Fintech Company of the Year, Winner of the Innotribe Award 2013, SIBOS
             Conference, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

             Best Community Banking Initiative  |  Financial World Innovation Awards

             Best Global Payments Initiative, multi-currency high frequency multi-frequency multi-bank
             mobile money  |   Financial World Innovation Awards, London.

             Top Low-cost Mobile Foreign Exchange Remittance Programme in All Asia  
             International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 

             Top innovators in banking (#44)  |  Bank Innovation Magazine

             Robert Bell won the New Zealand Hi-Tech Young Achiever of the Year  |  NZ Hi-Tech awards

2012     Best New Mobile Technology  |  Launch Silicon Valley Awards

             Robert Bell won the Hi-Tech Young Achiever of the Year Award | NZ Hi-Tech Awards

2011     Best Global Payments Initiative of the Year, crossborder multicurrency realtime digital
             finanical inclusion in underbanked emerging markets | Financial World Innovation Awards

             Co-winner, entrepreneur challenge  |  University of Auckland

2010     KlickEx system named as Highest Ranked, Low-Cost Remittance Product/Service in the
             South Pacific, World Bank and New Zealand and Australian governments 2010 – present.