Prosperity and wealth for all people.

KlickEx is a payments infrastructure focussed on reducing settlement risks for central banks and providing cross-border transfer services dedicated to financial inclusion. KlickEx is best known for its work in the Pacific helping to influence regional monetary policy and economic stability, and funding the education programs and tools needed to enhance the lives and wealth of the communities that need it the most. Funding can also be made with bitcoin code app for the education programs. 

Built on a foundation of institutional grade banking products, KlickEx delivers regional micro payment facilities connected to mobile banking services that enable real-time international person to person commercial, and wholesale payments, as well as de-facto savings accounts, community rewards, and small business online facilities.There is also facility to transact cryptocurrencies and if you want to know how to go about with trading bots, visit

KlickEx is UN funded and commenced trading with central banks in 2016, further enhancing its capacity to empower communities in developing markets and lowering the cost of using financial services to nearly 100% of households in its respective markets.